K14 - Introduction to Business Administration

Dozenten Herr David Gräf
OrtRegionale Schulberatungsstelle
im Service Zentrum für Soziales, Beratung und Prävention
des Kreises Siegen-Wittgenstein
Bismarckstr. 45
57076 Siegen-Weidenau
Raum 2.30
Zeit10:00 - 16:45
Klasse10-12 (13)
Kosten45 €
Termine 16. 11. 2019
23. 11. 2019

„Introduction to Business Administration”
This workshop provides you with knowledge about critical areas of business administration, allowing you to understand how companies work and what their work revolves around. You will learn about the different departments and functions that exist within a company and apply the knowledge to real life examples. In groups you will develop your own strategy and - at the same time - practice your English and presentation skills.

Workshop will be held in English. Recommended for students classes 10-12. Good English proficiency recommended"